Our story

For thousands of years,
people have been captivated
by the night sky.

Inspired by the twinkle of a faraway sun, they’ve whispered secret wishes and pictured their wildest dreams. They’ve turned to the stars for guidance, for reassurance and for answers. In an unpredictable world, they’ve found comfort in the consistency of the constellations. They’ve looked to the steadfast and loyal hunter, Orion, to tell east from west, following his gaze to find their True North.

At Orion Capital, our namesake is an apt symbol for everything we do.

In an industry known for uncertainty, our team gives clients steadfast guidance and support, using innovative technology to help them manage risk, avoid mistakes and navigate the journey ahead. Rather than following trends or reacting to the latest news, we adhere to our principles, maintaining a perspective that values long-term growth over short-sighted gain.

As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, we seek to understand your life, celebrate your successes, and help you overcome challenges. And through it all, we listen to your needs—treating you as a member of our family and investing your money as if it was our own.

In the glittering chaos of the night sky, Orion is more than a collection of dots. In the midst of a crowded and confusing marketplace, Orion Capital is more than an investment firm. We’re a beacon. We’re a guidepost. We’re a companion. We’re a valued partner, bringing clarity and insight—sunrise to sunset, no matter where your road leads.

Looking for guidance?
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It’s your life and you should live the way you want. When you share your goals, we’ll share financial advice that helps you live life to the fullest.

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